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We are experts on hardware and software distribution

We are international distributor of hardware equipment and software products of well known trademarks. We distribute leading IT and electronic brands exclusively to resellers, office supplies retailers, purchasing organizations, retail and web shop companies. Learn more about products, we distribute.

Computers and computer hardware

  • computers, laptop computers, notebook computers, sleeves for laptops, bags adapted for laptops…

Computer components and parts

  • computer memory devices, disk drives for computers, microprocessors, graphic cards, modems, processors, network adapters…

Peripherals adapted for use with computers

  • computer keyboards, computer peripheral devices, electronic pens, magnetic tape units for computers, monitors, mouse, mouse pads, wrist rests for use with computers and other peripherals…
Distribution of computer hardware, processors, notebook hardware, computer parts | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor
Distribution of computer sofware, game software, office programs | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor

Software distribution

  • computer software, computer programs, graphic programs, office software, electronic notice boards, jukeboxes for computers, games software, game software and more…

Firmware distribution

  • computer operating systems, computer operating programs, information technology and audiovisual equipment, electronic agendas, amplifiers, demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes, magnetic encoders and more…

Data storage devices

  • compact discs, identity cards, magnetic, magnetic data media, magnetic tapes, optical discs, optical data media, phonograph records/sound recording discs, punched card machines for offices, sound recording strips, sound recording carriers, USB flash drives, video game cartridges…

Data processing equipment and accessories

  • bar code readers, data processing apparatus, electronic pocket translators, interfaces for computers, invoicing machines, mathematical instruments, optical character readers, readers, voting machines…


  • abacuses, adding machines
Distribution of data storage devices, flash disks, usb disks | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor
Distribution of display devices, TV, monitors | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor

Display devices, television receivers and film and video devices

  • camcorders, cinematographic cameras, digital photo frames, editing appliances for cinematographic films/apparatus for editing cinematographic film, film cutting apparatus, fluorescent screens, magic lanterns, neon signs, projection screens, projection apparatus, teleprompters, television apparatus, totalizators, video recorders, video screens and more…

Image capturing and developing devices

  • digital cameras, DLSR, carriers for dark plates, darkrooms, darkroom lamps, diaphragms , drainers for use in photography, drying apparatus for photographic prints, enlarging apparatus, epidiascopes, photographic filters, flash-bulbs, flashlights, frames for photographic transparencies,
  • lenses, lens hoods, lenses for astrophotography, radio-logical apparatus for industrial purposes, radiology screens, screens for photoengraving, shutter releases, shutters , slide projectors, speed measuring apparatus, spools, stands for photographic apparatus, tripods for cameras, viewfinders, washing trays.
Internation distribution of digital products to Europe | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor