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We are experts on hardware and software distribution

We are international distributor of hardware equipment and software products of well known trademarks. We distribute leading IT and electronic brands exclusively to resellers, office supplies retailers, purchasing organizations, retail and webshop companies. Learn more about our services.

Electronics distribution

We specialize in distribution of hardware, appliances and digital devices of well known brands to Europe.

We can arrange for you merchandise right from the manufacturer for more affordable price than your current distributor. We co-operate with prominent logistic companies and that is why we can lower the costs for transportation of merchandise.

Gain with us access to more than 20 000 products / 80 brands / 20 industries.

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Internation distribution of digital products to Europe | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor
Internation distribution of digital equipment to Europe | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com - international HW /SW distributor

Supply Services

We have access to main stocks of our partners and that is why we can prepare your orders with maximal speed. Most of the time we realize your orders in the same day they had been placed. Thanks to that, we are able to fulfill your expectations of quick and reliable distribution of given merchandise.

We provide you with personal advice, transparency and the possibility of a worthwhile margin.

We are the best partner for distribution  of goods and services of the ICT industry. We are tailored to the needs and requirements of the most diverse customers. That makes us a competent, reliable, and sustainable partner for your business.

Logistics Services – Fast deliveries anywhere and at any time

We have extensive and long-standing experience with transportation of merchandise between various countries in Asia and Europe. We always try to find the most reliable partners, who guarantee quick transport and problem-free  communication and of course fair prices.

Same partnership we can offer to you as well. Try with us our distribution and logistic services.

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Fast delivery in HW/SW distribution in Europe | Alpha-Network-Solutions.com